Our Real Problem

Our real problem!

Posted by Llewellyn van der Merwe on 18 December 2013.

loud voiceThe world does not like God, they hate the true God. They have a God of their own making. But what will it profit them? I sense a heavy burden for the world today; I think the judgment of God is at the door. How much longer will God allow this vexation to continue? I find myself so small, almost in a state of shock as I behold the drastic departure from truth. Not to mention the blasphemy against God and His Word is like a great avalanche overshadowing the land. I think it is time to fast and weep for the people; they are storming the eternal fire with laughter and screams of deviance. It sounds like a great nose of multitudes cheering on their own destruction. Men and woman captured buy their own lusts and earthly pleasure. The gushing winds rushes past our homes and families dragging all it can find along into its never full desire obliteration. O that God will save our homes protects our children from this uncontrollable sweeping storm that is at its beginning of its time of open rebellion and hatred against the true God of heaven. Dear Saints hold on for God is shaking all things so that only that which cannot be shaken may remain. Hold on to the cross never let it go, it is your very life!!!!

1Tim 4:16 “Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.” this is true! and I believe it with my whole heart, yet to have compassion on those being devastated by sin is not wrong. To cry before God for our homes is crucially part of our responsibility as fathers. To judge ourselves is absolutely important, for If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. May God give strength to the weary and to the weak! But that in me that is still so strong must die, so He can come to the front and receive the glory due unto His name. My flesh is hateful and extreme grief to me, I hate my life, my thoughts my brilliant ideas. O to be clothed with Him alone, to have His own beauty on my brow. This is my passion; I am driven to love Him more for He is so lovely!

Do you know what God hates? Make sure you do!

The great fisher of men, lost the trust of all His disciples! Lost the favor of His nation! Lost His popularity! Now remember he was teaching us to be fishers of men. So did we understand the lesson? You fish for men when you obey God! end of story.

Those who speak the truth is always hated, because they remind men of the God they have already rejected!

The truth is hated because it testifies that we all are wrong and it is right!

Men are departing from God, are you weeping? Eze 9:4

Wake up! God is really sending people to hell. He makes no exceptions. Without Jesus Christ you will not escape the judgment! Make sure you have the right Jesus. The one who hates sin, loves obedience, condemns the hypocrites, rebukes the proud, and only gives grace to the repentant! Very important that you have the right Jesus. God makes no exceptions!!!

What’s on your mind? Facebook asks…. the lost souls of countless millions, how to reach them with truth… How to save a people deceived and who loves the deception. The power of God to reach these people, and why He is not using me to reach and help them. What in me hinders Him? How long… how long… how long do we still have

Does anyone still believe “…bodily exercise profiteth little” and “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long” I mean long life comes from honouring your parents not from exercise… or did I miss something?

We are in that age of pretense, God calls it hypocrisy. He is not fooled!

May the Lord open your eyes even more to His eternal driving purpose of forming His Son in us! Who absolutely hates sin, lies, deception and human wisdom.

Our real problem is that we are so captured by the moment that grounds us to the shallowness of temporal happiness, and in fact robs us from the wealth of the fountain of life, the eternal, immutable perfection. We are mesmerized by our human faculties to the degrading level of beastly endeavours and thinking that sees no reason for shame or regret of its dreaded proud voice of insight and understanding. When in truth we know so little and are so incompetent that the very idea of taking the next breath without God’s tender allowance is utterly impossible. God looks at all this with pity and tender love. No wonder He made a clear and open declaration with the perfect purpose to totally disrupt our sleep by means of unthinkable measures. That this blasphemous moment of rebellion will be drawn to a eternal halt, so proving that He truly is worthy of all the glory and honour and majesty and power and dominion for ever and ever. Then the greater and fuller utter foolishness of man’s doings will become very clear for its reality as vile, that none will be able to dispute the perfect and just inflaming wrath of God. Let us therefore make haste to understand the urgency of His call, as the open arms of God drawing us to Himself, through His Son, the eternal self-existing God who knows how to make us new, so we will love Him cause truly He is worthy, worthy, worthy. O He is so worthy of all our love and adoration, all our thoughts all our desire. Let’s look full in His wonderful face!


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