If All Go, Tolerance, Thoughts.

If all go to “heaven” and are “right” with God, then there is no need for religious agendas, ministries, nor evangelism of any sort.

There is then no need for belief systems, morality or discipline of any type.

If all go to “heaven” then we do not need to waste time with religious affairs, duties, meetings and meaningless works.

We need not donate our time, our resources, or our talents.

If all go to “heaven” then all belief systems are vanity and a waste of time and effort.

If all go, then all our prayers are in vain, our works are pointless and our moral goodness is dead.


If all DON’T go to “heaven”, then only one ‘system of belief’, only one ’cause’, only ‘one way’, can be correct and true.

We cannot have it both ways. We cannot argue a belief made up by mere men and change the past, recreate the present, nor dictate the workings of future events if indeed there is a perfect, holy and just Creator of all matter. This too we cannot have both ways – either there is a true God who is sovereign over everything or there is not. Or mere intellect and tiny brains’ cannot decide nor dictate what has been true long before and will be true long after our meager existence.

questionQuestions then arise: If there is ‘one’ way, what is it? If there is “One” God, who is it?

I then ask, how much do you desire to know? Are you willing to seek for the truth? Willing to seek for the truth even if it means that everything you thought was true, good and right is all wrong?

Start here: If all religions are good and true and right and tolerant of one another, then why do they hate Jesus Christ and what historical and biblical Christianity teaches? Why are they intolerant of Christianity? I don’t mean a ‘false christianity’ (we have plenty of that), but John 14:6 and etc. Where is tolerance being shown from those who are pushing tolerance in everyone else’s faces?

Just some thoughts to get your “thinking bone” working.

2 responses to “If All Go, Tolerance, Thoughts.”

  1. If Jesus Christ is true and what He said is true then we are obligated to share with others the only way to the Father in heaven. Men are lost and blind in their sin and their religious attempts to get to God.


    1. Amen my brother! I like to pose many questions, and sometimes, not answer them. You spot on!


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