Men’s Meeting Dates Now Posted – Bartlesville, OK Area Men

Men’s Meeting – Bartlesville, OK Area Men


Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Men’s Meeting Details


There is a rapidly growing trend that is sweeping our land in this declining hour in which we live – men of God are ceasing. So many professing believers, especially men, are asleep at a crucial hour. Much like the apostles who fell asleep as Jesus prayed in the garden. So many men have nothing firm about their faith, but like Sampson have chosen to allow their “hair” to be cut and their strength to be made void. So many men don’t even want to act like a man, but act as much larger and older teenage version of themselves – a self that never grew to be strong and become a man, especially a man of God. As for love, well that has become whatever the flesh desires and at any given moment.

If this were not enough, it seems of many men, remember this pertaining to professing believers, have “hewn for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water.” In regards to their private lives there is a lack of God’s power, love and piety; in regards to their church leadership and lives there is a continual focus on service programs rather than individuals; and in regards to their marriages there is little that looks like Christ unto His church. We are in a crucial time when men need to be men of God and cast aside the foolish things of this world, learn to sacrificially love and serve their wives and children and seek to be diligent in “prayer with thanksgiving.” In all of this I include myself as well.

Men, let’s rise to the call, say yes to the challenge and seek to walk with and know our God.


Starting Saturday, Feb. 1st




  1. Understanding biblical manhood.
  2. Understanding true fellowship and accountability.
  3. Growing more as an authentic Christ follower.
  4. Trusting God and deepening in prayer.
  5. Learning to love, respect and serve our wives and family.
  6. Learning to carry out biblical leadership.


equipping menFor this initial kick off, we will be using teaching from Norm Wakefield and a series that he has preached countless times entitled, “Equipping Men: Practical Tools for Life’s Issues.” To learn more about Norm Wakefield, you can click here or visit, SpiritofElijah. Below is the tentative course outline.

  1. It’s a Matter of Identity: Know who you are
  2. The Power of Integrity: Be the same man in all places all the time
  3. God’s Blueprint for the Family: Learn two parts to God’s blueprint for blessing
  4. The Spirit of Elijah: The power that turns the hearts of men
  5. Fathers: God’s Forerunner
  6. Prepare the Way of the Lord: Lead your children to get ready to know Christ
  7. The Calling Out of Sons, Part 1: Fathers call sons out to themselves then to God
  8. The Calling Out of Sons, Part 2: Fathers call sons out to themselves then to God
  9. A Father and His Daughter: Fathers provide affirmation of womanhood
  10. Living to Love (Equipped to Love): Give to others without expectations
  11. Idolatry-free Loving (Equipped to Love): Looking to God as the source of your life frees you to love
  12. Restoring Relationships: Overcome road blocks in relationships through the gospel
  13. Pursuit of Happiness: Selfishness and the world cannot produce happiness
  14. Spirit of Holiness: The Holy Spirit is God’s power given to satisfy our souls
  15. Beware the Wolf: Sexual expression is a form of worship; who are you worshipping?
  16. Sexual Purity: The will of the Lord is sexual purity
  17. Go With the Flow: Living in the Word of God is the key to peace and power
  18. Jurisdictional Leadership Principles: These principles produce order, peace and security
  19. Vision Principles: God’s vision is to make you like Christ – what’s your vision?
  20. Leading With Vision: Men who lead with vision are wise and courageous



Who can come?

Any man.

What to bring?

Your Bible, favorite coffee cup, and yourself.


Our home: 402070 US Hwy 60, Bartlesville, OK 74006. We are about a half mile east of Yochams Custom Leather Shop on the north side of the road.


Please feel free to contact me at: or respond to this post. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.

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