Simply True

balanceThe post below comes from Kevin Turner, President of Strategic World Impact, His words are simply true. In this day and age everyone is quick to jump onto some man-labeled agenda and/or group. I fear that a great many, including myself in the past, have fulfilled both 2 Corinthians 11:3 and Revelation 2:4. Kevin’s words my seem strong, but you must ask yourself, “Are they true?“. Feel free to post your thoughts.

“My thought for the night after reading the posts of the impetuous and the preposterous, that win arguments and lose the soul they reason with.

My response…..
I don’t know what is more repulsive; an arrogant reformed guy or an eccentric false prophet that thinks they command God? They both stink in the nostrils of God! If he sent a buffeting spirit to humble Paul, imagine what prideful arrogance looks like to God! I’d sooner see a non-cessationist follow with humility than a theologically correct block of ice trying to melt another mans heart. Only in America do you see the blatant excess on both sides. Arrogance! After 5 ½ years in Eritrea with persecuted believers, my family among them, we never asked what gift you believed in, we measured your walk by your willingness to suffer when being tortured to deny Christ. Yes, imagine the horror of Presbyterians and Pentecostals holding hands in prison worshipping after being beaten with a metal bar with rubber wrapped around it! I favor reformed theology, I disfavor the arrogance I find in posts that set fences so tight that they wake up one day and find they don’t even fit into their own constructs. I have seen the damage of the false prosperity Gospel and I have seen the damage of the arrogant. They both wreak and are a stench. The true power is not about what you claim from God or what you proclaim about God. Faith gives you the ability to relinquish, to suffer and to have joy. I admit that the theological issues are big and yes, they matter! Having said that, there is a huge difference between a brother walking in error and and a brother walking in arrogance.

Push a theology that bares no name other than one that makes your resemble Jesus. Servetus was burned at the stake though Calvin wanted him to have the mercy of the Guillotine. Benny fly’s in Jets and robs people for prayers! I don’t see Christ emulating either of these life styles. Show your scars, not your cars; show truth that will suffer and instead of winning your pathetic arguments, win souls instead. Only a South Florida vacation church that talks smack and never takes any, would push out the impetuous theological pablum that pervades the pulpits of the upper middle class. You need a war to wage, get your corpse over to a war zone where people face eternity every day on the business end of a machine gun and preach Christ to your demise. Well, I said enough and most assuredly have come across as harsh. I am not sorry, instead I weep. I look forward to seeing what denominations succumb to the “state” and what ones resist! Possibly we will all go to prison together while fighting over whether the prisoner in the third cell can be healed if we pray?” ~Kevin Turner

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