Let Them Come Home – John and Abraham Piper

11 thoughts on “Let Them Come Home – John and Abraham Piper”

  1. This was a lovely article to read. I love that both John and Abraham have their say. John’s comments on how he and his wife handled their son’s rebellion are honest and also godly since they trusted in God to order the situation and bring things into His will, and they did this through trust and prayer and love. So good. Abraham’s story is also honest and inspiring since he sowed his wild oats and was still left wanting in the end. He was receptive to the truth and grace of Jesus Christ. What a beautiful day that was for him and his family. His suggestions for how to encourage and treat wayward children is insightful and honest and full of the love of Jesus Christ. Well done.


  2. This is all so very good and so very painful to read. Our 18 year old daughter, like so many other young ladies, decided that she’s transgender and changed her name to a boy’s name. She insisted that we go along with her requests and call her her new name and never refer to her with she/her pronouns. We told her how much we love her and encouraged her to stay home but that we didn’t feel the Lord would want us to use this new boy’s name and they/them pronouns. We were devastated when she demanded we go along with this or she would leave. She left and moved in with her unsaved but loving grandmother in another state. We text and send things to her and try to reach out but she doesn’t want to talk with us. This is by far, the toughest time of our lives. We have never prayed harder for our daughter to encounter the love of Jesus Christ! This is truly so painful and complicated. I wish it was black or white….


    1. I feel you. It is really hard and painful for parents to see their children leaving the faith and choosing a wayward life. The devil is the father of lies and is really out to steal, kill and destroy people’s lives. We need to keep praying for the our and the next generations. It’s a spiritual battle. Prayed for her and your family.


    2. Keep praying Cathleen, I am praying for her too. The advice that Abraham Piper gives in this piece is really very good whatever season his faith is or isn’t in now. Trusting God to order the situation is something that can give you some hope and peace. Cast your cares on Him, .


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