Writing to Pierce the Soul

pen-ink-paperFor some time now the Lord has been causing me to slow up tremendously in my blogs, postings and online activity. Now this can be seen as legalism for some, but for me it is shear obedience to the voice of my Master. In the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded to make sure that what I write, whether via a book, email, blog, facebook, etc, would be wraught about first in me. To be effective, I must be obedient not only to write what must be written, but I must be sensitive as to the timing and birthed through time in prayer and not mere emotions.

I believe that Robert Murray McCheyne had it right when he said, “Since the intellectual part of the discourse is not that which is most likely to be an arrow in the conscience, those pastors who are intellectual men must bestow tenfold more prayerfulness on their work, if they would have either their own or their people’s souls affected under their word. If we are ever to preach with compassion for the perishing, we must ourselves be moved by those same views of sin and righteousness which moved the human soul of Jesus.” (taken from McCheyne’s biography by John Piper). Fortunately I am neither highly intelligent nor eloquent of speech or word, but it does not excuse me from praying. The Lord has given me a platform to write/speak and reach people, no matter what size audience, and because of this I feel I must now more than ever agree with McCheyne and pray at least 10 fold before any writing is ever brought to public attention. As Watchman Nee once said, paraphrased, “I must put down any further writing until it has first affected me.” I know at this time I must follow suit with my brothers now in glory. 

What use is a written or spoken word that does not affect the soul of a person for the glory of God and a drawing unto the cross of Christ? If the Spirit of prayerGod does not empower the words to affect and lead ones soul closer to the throne room of Almighty God, then all energies are to no avail and the tongue/pen should have remained silent. God is always better left to do His work without my interference and lack of self-control if I am not to yet speak. I have much to learn in regards to listening and obeying rather than speaking.

Oh how many souls have I hindered from embracing Christ? How many have I led astray? Oh that the Lord would teach me His ways. Oh to simply walk with and obey my Lord.

Blessings all,


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