My “Easter” Thoughts

My “Easter” Thoughts

If your planning on “going to church” this Easter and yet you never usually fellowship with and are a part of the bride of Christ, those who have been regenerated by the blood atoning payment of the Son of God, the true church, then why even go? Your guilt won’t be eased; your attendance will mean nothing to Christ; your works will be in vain. So if you are not worshiping Christ through the outpouring of your life being made new, your desires to be godly in Christ Jesus and living with a passion for the glory of God, the Word of God and the honoring of Christ, then at least admit where your at and get honest. Because biblically speaking, there is no such thing as “going to church”, you either are or are not a part of the bride of Christ, the true Christian church. If you still decide to go to some building where believers are gathered, then seek to know Christ.

“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, Jesus Christ who You have sent.” John 17:3

By the way, if your a pastor of a local professing body of Christ, then quit preaching watered down half truths that are flesh driven and man centered – preach the true Gospel of Christ that includes the utter depravity of all mankind (Genesis 6:5, 8:21, Rom. 3, etc), the atoning work of Christ as the Father crushed His Son (Is. 53:10), the results of true Grace in a person’s life as found in Titus 2, and the true power of the love of God that actually saves souls. I am reminded of the time George Whitefield heard an actor say (paraphrased), “We actors speak of things that are pretend as if they seem real. You pastors speak of things that are real and as if they are pretend.” Whitefield then said, “I will not be a velvet mouthed preacher.” People don’t need more “velvet,” they need the power of God that actually saves souls. Question, what marks your private life? Who do you live for when no one is looking? Are you marked by a life of prayer? Preach the truth and love the people, I mean really love, the souls of those you preach to.


Rise up o’ men of God and take back the day for which you were made. It’s time 2 stand.

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