Hebrews Three

6 thoughts on “Hebrews Three”

  1. Chapter three is an amazing chapter, and it carrys with it a life saving message one should heed, It is the Holy Spirit that brings conviction and Paul is stating what he is saying and quoting is coming from the Holy Spirit, he is quoting a statement made by Moses to emphasize the condition of the people Moses led out of Egypt and their spiritual condition where as they began to harden their hearts against God to the point of disobedience and they were never able to enter God’s rest to go into the promised land.

    Paul continues on we must not harden our hearts, as it would carry the same consequences. As the Hebrew chapters go on Paul further speaks of this turning away to the point of no return for some.

    We must guard our hearts and keep our relationship with our Lord fresh daily,walking in obedience and being led of the Holy Spirit.
    Blessings, lynn


  2. Let us also be reminded by this “vision” given to a man of God who lived in Sweden in Scandinavia. Also well known world wide.


    There is such a danger to drift away in this last days. With so many false doctrines and temptations. Make sure to make your election strong or else you will be fooled. Let us remember the words of another man of God;

    Today, in church, unbelief is pitied as a sickness in sted of rebuked as the terrible sin it is.


  3. “Christ was faithful as a Son over His house—whose house we are, if we hold fast our confidence and the boast of our hope firm until the end.” It is not how spectacular our birthing into Christ kingdom was dear brothers and sisters, but if we held firm our confidence and hope firmly until the end of our new lives in Christ.


  4. Just some thoughts on some words and phrases that struck me. First of all, the identity of a Christ-follower: holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, house of God, partakers of Christ. But then there are the words and phrases of our commitment: faithful, hold fast, firm to the end, steadfast to the end.
    As we all know, this is hard to do on our own. That is why we have the Holy Spirit, and that is why (vs. 13) we need each other as our cheering section or ‘personal trainer’–‘exhort one another daily’.
    How many of us have that kind of accountability partner?


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