Learn From Me

Learn from me.

I want to encourage everyone to learn from me. Lately I have posted a couple of articles on my facebook page, both ofprayer and light which were either grossly out of context, the other just wrong. It is so easy to be sucked in online to reading things that ultimately pull us from our attention on Christ alone, especially with such ease of availability. Let us remember, God alone is sovereign, so what does all the man-made and man-driven articles even have in comparison with our great God?

No matter if it’s feeding ourselves off of what we think is harmless and useless news or if it’s serious addictions to internet porn, we must recognize that anything, and here I place emphasis on ANYTHING, that takes our ultimate attention from Christ Jesus, it is a sickening and lowly thing in the eyes of our Lord. Just how Satan works, at least at times – deceptive and silent. He does not always get us as roaring lion.

Strive brothers and sisters this day to have a singleness of eye for the Author and Perfecter of our faith alone. He demands our full attention. I am reminded of Hebrews 2:1-3, 6:4-8, 10:26-31. This author is going to work more diligently on what is posted.

I hope and pray that my facebook page, blog page and main website (Time2Stand.com) be only for what glorifies our Lord and edifies the true church. And all of this does not only apply to our use of the internet, but in our daily lives and the style of how we live our lives. If we profess Christ, that is to be a Christian, then we all better take this title very seriously. Game time in the Christian life is over!

May the Lord give us all a new and controlled perspective, with deeply true convictions, resolutions and repentance in using the internet, when behind close doors and as we live, move and breath in the cultures where we live. 


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