Fire in the bones

2 thoughts on “Fire in the bones”

  1. Jeremy, sorry to miss you this morning.

    Just had an idea: With the burning and passion you have to preach the word, have you ever contemplated planting a church to fulfill the vision you have for churches?

    Just a thought. Praying for you.


    __________________ Bill Wilson 1701 S. Dewey Ave. Bartlesville, OK 74003 918.214.2369 (Mobile) 918.336.8200 (Work)


    1. Hello there brother! Thank you for your prayers. Yes, wanted to make it today, but my schedule has not been very lending lately. I have thought about planting often, but I know at this time I am to be obedient where we are at and with having so many small children right now, it would be very difficult. Lord willing though, we will simply walk with Him and be obedient.

      bro jeremy


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