Trusting God

It seems like in this last hour in which we providentially find ourselves privileged to live and serve for the glory of God and His eternal purposes, there are many who are in great need, whether it be because of extreme poverty and persecution to living in the Western world and culture of the day. Many of us find ourselves easily distracted from a “pure and simple” devotion to Christ. Many more have left “their first love,” thus making it seemingly impossible to simply trust Christ.

Jesus confronted the weakness and faithlessness of men back when He walked the earth. He said over and over and in a multitude of ways, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth… Do not be anxious about your life… The eye is the lamp of the body…,” and etc (read Matthew 6:18-34 for total context). The real solution for us to have such a full trust in Christ is found in Matthew 6:33,

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

You see, our motivation, our focus, and our agenda is what we must first come to see and align, in other words, repent and submit, to God, His word, and will before we can fully trust Him. We must check ourselves against the Scriptures letting the Spirit of God ravage the sinful heart, bringing conviction and a death to the flesh driven motivations and selfish enjoyments. This brings us to a place where we will draw our strength, our joy,  and our trust only in the God of the universe. It’s to put Him ever before us, with singular eye and ear, firmly fixed in the closeness of His person and in our vision as the eternal Lord and Savior.

Below are two very good videos that the Lord has used mightily in my life in regards to simply trusting the Lord alone. Although I have had to many times repent for trusting my emotions, my feelings, my methods and putting my strength in other people, I still want to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to take heart.

Before watching the videos, I highly recommend reading, pondering, thinking upon and praying through Luke 18:1-8. The story that our Lord gives us about the persistent widow is one that has drawn me much conviction, much revelation and much joy.

I also highly recommend reading the Autobiography of George Muller. The resolve, the prayer, the faith and the trust that God instilled into Muller is one of valuable help and encouragement for us today!

May the videos below be of great help and encouragement to you today!

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