Prayer and Praying Men and Women

“Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs.”

Jonathan Edwards

eternity - eyeIf there has been anything the Lord has been impressing upon me, deeper and deeper, and almost everyday of my salvation since May of 2001, it is this, seek the present reality of God, in power, in truth, in communion, and this all bathed outside the limelight of public eyes, in the passionate prayer closet.

“It’s a great thing to speak to men on behalf of God, but it’s a greater thing to speak to God on behalf of men.”

L. Ravenhill

Yesterday I listened to a very encouraging and uplifting message on Prayer and Men of Prayer by brother Mack Tomlinson, author of, “In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill.” You can listen to Mack’s message, given at the 2006 HeartCry Missionary Conference, here.

I would also suggest listening to the 5th part of Kevin Turner’s interview from a few years ago. Kevin is the founder of Strategic World Impact based out of Bartlesville, OK.

A New Prayer Meeting

man prayingWe have recently started a new prayer meeting on Saturday nights for those in and around the Bartlesville, OK area. This is not only for our local congregation, but a time of corporate prayer whereby we come to the thrown room of God, seeking His face and petitioning Him in intercession with other believers. The prayer meetings will be every Saturday at 7 pm at the Grace Community Church at: 1500 SE Kings Dr, Bartlesville, OK. For questions, contact me.

The prayer meeting is to be a time that we dare not put man’s hand to format, nor think in limited preconceived notions of how a meeting ought to look. Although the Apostle Paul was quite clear about the order in which we ought to speak and edify one another in the corporate gathering of believers, we ought always to be obedient to the Spirit for the moment we are in. If we are obedient to the Spirit, we will never be disobedient to the Scriptures, the very same will of God.

May we all seek the Lord as never before this year. May we love the brethren with a holy and true devotion. May we get on our knees while we may do so willingly. For every knee will bow and give a confession that Jesus Christ is Lord.

hidden life of prayer

Peace and blessings all!

Jeremy B. Strang

Christian. Husband. Father. Author.

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