“Take that ‘motherf——‘ Bible and shoot the ‘sun of a —–‘!”

old gun“Take that ‘motherf——‘ Bible and shoot the ‘sun of a —–‘!”

No, this is not a joke nor a quiz for you to fill in the blanks. This is not some way to merely grab your attention nor a fake little story. But, this is something that I was told this morning.

Long story short:
I am able to come down to Tulsa before work a bit earlier during the summer months. Occasionally I will read for a bit at the local Panera’s restaurant down the street. During the warmer months there is a man who will walk down early in the AM. Most often he is somewhat loud and uses tremendous nonstop cursing, especially against Christ. As long as he is “controlled,” in other words quite, the staff lets him sit inside. Recently he even sat relatively close to me. He doodles in a small note book or just sits quietly cursing. I have started to really intercede for this man. Whenever he walks past me, if he does, or sits near me, he is unable to be vocal in his cursing. Last time he sat near me I just prayed and prayed and prayed. While I prayed he seemed to be quite controlled, very quiet, and quite at peace. Today however, he came in completely out of control. The staff said he had to sit outside. I prayed and had little time as I had to head to work. When walking past him outside I did say hello and once I turned my back, then he greeted me with the above statement.

I am asking my brothers and sisters in Christ to intercede on his behalf and for tremendous wisdom for me. This older, thin man is in complete bondage, as all are who are without Christ. Remember, we do not wage our war in the flesh, but only by the Spirit of God in spiritual realms. If we are walking in the truth and looking to engage culture, then these things, plus persecutions of all types, will come our way. If you just want to sit and enlarge your mind, by the way it is good for us to grow in the knowledge of Christ and His propitiation, then you may do so, but it is not the will of our Lord. His will is for us to make disciples – oh but the laborers are few.

Please pray. I pray the Lord will break our hearts for what breaks His. Oh that the Love of God will absolutely constrain me, not just for this man, but in regards to all aspects of my life and all people who do not know the freedom in and knowing Christ as Savior and Lord. Amen.

As my brother Kevin Turner so often says, “Run to the battle!” Let us also do so everyday and in every way, all in Christ.

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