Men, where shall we go?


Men, where shall we go?

Is marriage sometimes difficult – well of course. Most often I find that I am the chief cause of strife. My heart is so deceitfully wicked (Jer. 9:17) and all too often longs to reside in the flesh (Jer. 9:5). I can say with the Apostle Paul, “wretched man I am!” (Rom. 7) But you see, for the professing believer, especially us men, we need to fully admit our own sin, and in a certain sense, take on the sins of our wives. Why? Because that is how Christ first loved us. 1 Peter 2:19-23 has been a good passage for the renewal of my mind (Rom. 12:2), especially in regards to my marriage.

I remember reading about some young men who asked Leonard Ravenhill, “Have you and your wife had a lot of arguements?” He replied, “Once, and it was my fault.” Whether he was completely serious or not, the story drives home a reminder for me – look inward and admit my guilt, repent and get refocused – then carry on.

Men, there is no “out” clause in the Christian faith regarding marriage. Some of you may have very hardened wives, wives locked up in sin and everything else, but take heed, repent of your sins, seek to love like Christ, and realize you may also be treated like Christ. Some of you need, as we all do, tremendous prayer, patience, and perseverance. Maybe, just maybe, the Lord is using her to humble you and drive you to His feet. Either way, stay the course. Go to Christ.

As Christ: A Man and Marriage

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