Going Up to Him in the Mount

Going Up to Him in the Mount
“And He goeth up into a mountain, and called unto him whom he would; and they came unto him.” – Mark 3:13
Here is sovereignty. Impatient spirits may fret and fume because they are not called to the highest places in ministry, but let it be yours to rejoice that Jesus calls whom He wills. If He leaves me as a doorkeeper in His house, I will cheerfully bless Him for His grace in permitting me to do anything in His service. The call of Christ’s servants comes from above. Jesus stands on the mountain, evermore above the world in holiness, earnestness, love and power. Those whom He calls must go up the mountain to Him; they must seek to rise to His level by living in constant communion with Him. They may not be able to climb to men’s honors or attain scholastic eminence, but they must, like Moses, go up into the mount of God and have familiar intercourse with the unseen God, or they will never be fitted to proclaim the gospel of peace. Jesus went apart to hold high fellowship with the Father and we must enter into the same divine companionship if we would bless our fellowmen. No wonder that the apostles were clothed with power when they came down fresh from the mountain where Jesus was. 
This morning we must endeavor to ascend the mount of communion, that there we may be ordained to the lifework for which we are set apart. Let us not see the face of man today until we have seen Jesus. Time spend with Him is laid out at blessed interest. We too shall cast out devils and work wonders if we go down into the world girded with that divine energy which Christ alone can give. It is of no use going to the Lord’s battle until we are armed with heavenly weapons. We must see Jesus–this is essential. At the mercy seat we will linger until He shall manifest Himself unto us, and then we can truthfully say, “We were with Him in the holy mount.”
— C. H. Spurgeon

As Christ: A Man and Marriage / Realities of a True Christian /  The Foothills of True Grace

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