A Daughter and A Picture of God’s Grace

A Daughter and A Picture of God’s Grace

The below true story comes from a dear friend of mine. I pray that this story, one that comes as a result of so many prior stories, would touch you and lead you further into the presence of walking with God, in truth and all reality. Be sure to listen to the 5 part interview below. Blessings!

Tonight I am sharing a very raw experience. I have been writing notes and ideas and thoughts for a book that I am working on.

kevinturnerThis incident was some years ago and it may offend some of you and possibly lessen your thoughts of me but I choose to be vulnerable and I should not be thought that highly of anyway.

So here is a snippet from my rough notes.
It is a story of grace, redemption, pain, failure and a daughter that showed Jesus to her father.

So it goes……

I was always a high rules guy with a low relationship level with those around me.
Saving the world was first and foremost in my mind since being set free.
That is why I decided to stop traveling after Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer and I took the year off to be there for her.
My intent was to show my bride that next to Jesus she was first and more important than any ministry we have done or were doing.

We fought so much during that year! We have never spent so much time together over such an extended period and we were learning to communicate and I was learning to listen and care for her when she needed me.
Through it all I have learned to love her as Christ loved the church. In that manner but not in that perfection.
I’m not perfect but much better and Tammy will testify to my growth.

I have also tried to show the maximum love towards my daughters, Hannah and Emily.

Do you know that one night in the middle of my bout with PTSD, after not sleeping for three days and nights, I grabbed a bottle of really strong beer. A big bottle!
I remember saying out load that I would not stop drinking till I was at the bottom.
Shortly after, I ended up laying on my driveway by the garage door, passed out.

At 2:00 am or so, Emily (my oldest) came out looking for me. I had peed my pants while laying there. I woke to something touching my head. The next thing I felt was a hand lifting my head up from the cement and then someone laying down next to me.

It was my daughter. Emily laid next to me in my urine and held up my head while caressing it and said this, “Dad, you may think that you have no more hope for this life and I understand why you feel that way, but I am telling you that you will rise again, Jesus will heal you dad and use you again.” Emily continued to hold me and comfort me as we lay on the driveway. I wept bitterly and she held me even tighter. Even today as I write of this memory it brings tears to my eyes.

How much grace is that!

My daughter was used as the very tool of Jesus to forward my healing and help bring me from death to life; laying only by my side, not calling me to get up, but simply holding my head up. Jesus began to heal me of the pain and nightmares and the brokenness in my heart from that time.

I am not glorying in my sin by any stretch but instead I am glorying in a Psalms 113 Savior who looks down on the poor and needy and lifts us from the ash heap and the dung hill and set us at a table with princess.

The power of Jesus with skin on, living in my daughter, speaking encouragement over me when she could have been rightly repulsed. The power of Christ in a family can never be overstated.

Short piece for book I am working on.

Kevin Turner, Founder of SWI

Powerful 5 part interview with Kevin. This is sure to challenge your faith!

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