Powerful Interview From A Front-line Missionary

Brother Kevin Turner, Founder and Director of Strategic World Impact, http://www.swi.org, is a dear brother in Christ and a friend of mine. A couple years ago I was introduced to this 5 part interview from a few years back. I highly recommend listening to this. I am always greatly edified, challenged and brought to tears when I listen to this. Listen to all five (about 20 min each)or one a day for 5 days. Either way, I am sure that the Lord will speak.

Powerful 5 part interview with Kevin. This is sure to challenge your faith!

Also, read this excerpt from Kevin’s past – a testimony of God’s grace.

“A Daughter and A Picture of God’s Grace”




The Foothills of True Grace / Realities of a True Christian / As Christ: A Man and Marriage

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