What if Abraham said…

abraham isaacWhat if Abraham said to the angel, “Let me finish this thing that God sent me to do and I am in the midst of doing for the Lord?” What if he would have continued the “mission” God had sent him on? What if Abraham had not of said, “Here I am?” (Genesis 22:11) What if Abraham would have disobeyed when told, “Do not stretch your hand out against the lad?” (Genesis 22:12) What would have been the outcome?

I full believe there are many who are doing just that, saying that they are “doing” the “Lord’s will” when in full reality they have actually left the will of God, interjected the arm of the flesh and are completely deaf to the Lord’s voice – “STOP.”

I do believe it takes discernment, courage, faith and trust (not to mention more) to obey the convictions God has in starting out into the unknown. But let me say, equally, if not more so, there takes discernment and finely tuned ears to hear when to go left, right and/or stop during the midst of doing that which we were called. I remember back about 10 years ago when a well known ministry in the US started to heavily solicit funds, something they had not done prior. I remember being in a men’s group who had started talking about this when one of the men asked, “What should we think of this?” I waited to answer and when everyone else had spoken first I said, “Let them go under then. Is God’s hand too short, too weak, too impoverished to save them? If they only see the way out as pleading to give or sink, then let them sink.

Far too often in Christendom we think that because we are busy doing what the Lord may have called us to, we must be doing the “will of God.” But are we really? Could it be that our own hearts have deceived us? (Jeremiah 17:9) Could it be Satan has deceived us and muted our ears? Could it be we indeed need to heed the Lord’s voice – “STOP“?

I have seen it over and over again, ministers, leaders, myself included, have placed too much weight on meetings, events and things to do upon God’s people. We, as a whole and certainly as individuals, need to heed this, repent and stop all the foolishness. Otherwise, we like the church in Corinth, need be told, “But I am afraid, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 11:3)

So let me ask, are we consumed with being busy, with no joy, no peace, no patience, placing a heavy burden upon others? Are we truly showing the grace and mercy to others as we may think? What if Abraham would not have obeyed? After all, is it not the most necessary and deepest joy this side of heaven to truly and simply walk with our great God? Ought we not want to strive to be “shut up to God” alone, in season and out, – in trials and peace, – in reality and truth?

Our failure to examine ourselves regarding this serious issue, and repent, is answer enough, – we truly do not desire God, – desire to do His will, – desire to be in the truth.

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