Oh America

Oh America, a nation that calls itself great, the only thing great about you is your sins and lawless works.

Oh America, you close your eyes and shut your ears from the truth of my word. You paint yourself with paint that is heavily laden – a paint laden with pride and evil desires.

Oh America, you are on fire and do not know it. Set on fire by hell and blind to the flame.

Oh America, wake up and hear the Words of the Lord your God. Turn back to me or be burned by my judgment.

Oh America, you sinned in all ways! My anger burns against those who deny My Truth and those who twist My Words.

Oh America, hear My voice. Turn not your back to Me, but open your eyes, uncover your ears and repent.

I the LORD God am faithful, all loving and merciful to those who hear My voice and receive it with gladness.

July 12th, 2007

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