Spring Conference 2016 – David Miller

20160508_114709The Spring Conference at Grace Life Church of Pryor, OK was this last week. Although we were only able to attend the last day, David Miller preached a powerful set of sermons. David is the founder of Line Upon Line Ministries (current site link) and likes to be known as a “country preacher at large.” David has an incredible ability to bring the Word of God in raw truth, context and with some of the clearest teaching I have personally experienced. He not only is able to bring the Word with such clarity, and to life as if it jumps off the page and into reality, he does so without notes or helps in front of him – he completely has it memorized. In the midst of such preaching/teaching, he is a man with his vision set upon God and has embraced God’s sovereignty for his life. I first heard and experienced David at the 2008 True Church Conference in Muscle Shoals, AL. I highly encourage you to listen and pray through this four-part series of messages.

  1. The Everlasting Covenant
  2. The Doctrine of Imputation (The Federal Headship of Adam)
  3. God’s Restraining Grace
  4. Rizpah Upon the Rock

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