Christians and The Election: Radio Interview 10.25.2016

Christians and The Election

Radio Interview with Tom Roten Morning Show on 10.25.2016

30c3a5083b1200095416470167552_38887ad6d90-2-1Yesterday I was privileged to be on the Tom Roten Morning Show, 800 WVHU.  Because of being on the internet and having written Christian books and blogs, I have gotten many question regarding being a Christian and the upcoming election on Nov 8th. The question is a good one, “How am I, a Christian, to vote?” In this interview, Tom asks very good, and for many, very difficult questions in regards to the election and the Christian faith. (An Open Letter To Professing Christians)

My grave concern, not taking away from the importance of the election, is that the Church, the professing Christ follower, would examine themselves with the same scrutiny we put upon others. What about holiness (sanctification) in the church? What about the right preaching of the attributes of God? What about the love of God being shown for the unbeliever? What about showing the love, the grace, the mercy and the forgiveness to others? When was the last time we heard 1 Corinthians 5 preached? What about being eternally minded and Christocentric?

new release_stay_in_the_boat_smYou can listen to the 25 minute radio interview with Tom here. If you wish to download a FREE PDF copy of my new book, Stay In The Boat, or to purchase, visit the books page.

How should a Christian vote? Wrong Foundation?

For some more basic help in sorting through this election process and voting on a biblical basis, this 39 minute message by Pastor Rod Macllvaine of Grace Community Church in Bartlesville, OK may be a help to some of you. (Pastor Rod praying before Congress October 2013)

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