Personal Thoughts on Revival

Personal Thoughts on revival.

The idea of revival is God’s and is nothing of man. The centrality of revival is not the talk of revival, but the centrality of God Himself, His glory, and His true working power unto godliness. Revival is not the building of ministries and doing works we are already commanded to do, but rather a making much of God, turning unto Him with a humble and contrite heart, a denial of sin, and an igniting passion for His glory and the full council of His Word. Revival cannot be planned nor coerced by the arm of man’s own strength.
Yet, men are to preach the entire council of God’s Word in love, power, truth, conviction and reality. Revival is God’s, and He will not give it to half-hearted, entertainment-seeking, man-pleasing self-proclaimed preachers. Emotionalism and temporary bursts of false security is the best many have to offer. And sadly enough, many millions are content with a vague shadow of true Christianity, one loaded with plenty of distractions, than come to really, really walk with God, knowing Him, satisfied by Him, and filled by Him. Even more sadly, revival is completely unknown, for so many cannot discern the difference between the flesh and the Spirit. And this truly sad state of men denies its need for that which is so needed; yet, will answer in full when Jesus says, “Be away from Me, I never know you.”
Let us take notice and be aware of the condition of our own heart.

Peace and blessings!

cropped-20160722_100723.jpgJeremy B. Strang is a Christian, husband, father, and author.

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