Godly Sorrow

Yesterday we had a wonderful time of musical worship and teaching in the Lord Jesus Christ at our new home church, Faith Fellowship, Marshfield, WI.

The topic of our discussion was godly sorrow vs. worldly sorrow as Paul discussed in his second letter to the Corinthian church.

As I sat down to begin reading today, I picked up my book, “George Whitefield’s Journals”, and under the May 14, 1740 date, in Nottingham, Whitefield recorded this:

“I was invited thither, by some of the inhabitants, who had a good work begun amongst them, some time ago, by the ministry of Mr. Blair, the Messrs, Tennents, and Mr. Cross, the last of which had been denied the use of the pulpit by one of his own brethren, and was obligated to preach in the woods, where the Lord manifested forth His glory, and caused many to cry out, ‘What shall we do to be saved?’ It surprised me to see such a multitude gathered together, at so short a warning, and in such a desert place. I believe there were near 12,000. I have not spoken long before I perceive numbers melting. As I proceeded, the influence increased, till, at last, (both in the morning and in the afternoon), thousands cried out, so that they almost drowned my voice. Never did I see a more glorious sight. Oh what tears were shed and poured forth after the Lord Jesus. Some fainted: and when they had got a little strength, they would hear and faint again. Fathers cried out in a manner as if they were in the sharpest agonies of death. Oh what thoughts and words did God put into my heart exclamation point after I had finished my last two scores, I was so pierced, as it were, and overpowered with the sense of God’s love, that some thought, I believe, I was about to give up the ghost. How sweetly did I lie at the feet of Jesus! With what power did a sense of His all-constraining, free, and everlasting love flow in upon my soul! It almost took away my life.” – George Whitefield

After having read that this morning, I thought it only appropriate that I should share our message from yesterday with those of you who would hear.

May the Lord Of Glory Be glorified, may you be edified, and may the church be built, unto maturity, on the solid ground of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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