The Durick’s: Spreading The Gospel and Fighting Human Trafficking

Last week I was privileged to sit with Nick Durick, a young man I have not seen since 2004. I first met Nick through our church in Stillman Valley, IL. At that time, we had the upwards of 60 people, both youth and adults, meeting in our home every Monday night, sometimes meeting for 6 hours!

I had been following Nick over the course of the last few years on social media and have been watching how the Lord has been using his life. I encouraged him, in the future and Lord willing, that both he and his wife Heather, would get their story into print. For they are living “stories of stones.” (Joshua 4)

Nick, since 2004 when I last saw him, walked straight into a life of sin and worldliness. He moved to Minnesota and started to lead the “normal” American college life. Through much, the Lord convicted Nick to leave college and walk away from a young lady he was engaged to marry. Moving back to Rockford, IL in 2009, Nick walked headlong into alcoholism and utter hopelessness, yet the Lord was still calling him to much more.

Long story short, God brought Nick to the end of himself, and bringing him to a new church, new people and a new life, his hopelessness and alcoholism was put to death.

Nick soon met Heather, and although Heather was due to leave town within a couple weeks, He said to her that she was to stay and marry him. Through this initial relationship, the couple could not have imagined that 5 years later, the would be selling everything they own and heading off to work with Zoe International in Thailand seeking to spread the Gospel and help those caught up in Human Trafficking.

To learn more about Nick and Heather, visit their Zoe Page here, or contact Nick directly. I know the couple would covet your prayers and support.

Below are some pictures that Nick took while in Thailand. Be sure to check out their video clip below.

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Please keep this couple in mind and pray as you remember them.


Peace and blessings,

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