Weeping Many Tears

How many tears shall we weep when we come face to face with the Savior we made profession to, yet traded our privileged time by glorifying our own personal entertainments as more precious?

How many more tears shall we weep when we realize we have squandered our time with far lesser things, neglecting His Word in it’s entirety, having justified our position so to continue our addiction of finger-swiping plastic devices?

How passionately shall we weep when we realize our hearts have lied to us, Satan has deceived and gotten the upper hand, and we made willful marriage to the deceptions of this world, failing to discern and destroy that which we were commanded?

How painful shall we weep when we realize that the things we call “good” and we used to the extreme, are shown to be an absolute offense to a perfect and holy God, the One we have ignored and spurned by our sin?

How bitter shall we weep when we find that the path we defended as to be “narrow” was in all reality the “wide” and we are not at the judgment we thought, but coward down at the great white throne?

How fast will our tears be burned away when we find that prophecy spoken by Jesus actually stood against us, not “them,” as we fulfill Christ’s declaration, “Be away from Me, I never knew you.”?

How many can “hear” these drilling questions now, admit guilt, and turn to Christ, not by mere “likes” and “shares,” but through man tears while the patience, grace, mercy and love of God still remain?

Just how many tears shall we weep today; how many hours in prayer; how many pages of the Bible turned?

Time draws nigh!




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