Beauty of Repentance

Beauty of Repentance.

Repentance is not a cruel task that one performs as the demands of a harsh taskmaster; rather it is a beautiful response to a true, grace-giving God who is just, mighty, merciful. The beauty is found in the turning towards, and realization that, Jesus is all beautiful and that our sinful, selfish and self-pleasing life is what is a wretched stench. When you experience the One True and all powerful God, you want nothing less than all He has to give and all that He has to say. As for the world, all that you once boasted upon, trusted in, and desired to fulfill your cravings, those powerless fake substitutes that only made you more and more unsatisfied, well they become a faint glimpse and a bit hatred. This is such a beautiful thing this turning towards God and away from personal sin, this gift of repentance.

As your old nature and Satan continues to drag you back into the kingdom of darkness, your war against such really will prevail, that is of course Christ is your treasure. Have you ever, and are you continually through sanctification, embracing this beautiful gift of repentance? Christian, if you really are a Christian, do not despise the beauty repentant heart. Do not despise the Gospel to which all the prophets, John the Baptist, the Apostles, and Jesus himself preached – that of repentance. You cannot live on two streets – you live on one or the other. Friendship with the world, is it bitter emnity with God.

Consider the “if” and “then” in 1 Samuel 7:3.

If you are one of those who despise repentance, know this, you despise Jesus Christ and all that he did on the cross. You despise what He preached and what He lived and died and rose for. If you despise this beautiful gift, this responding to Him in truth, you are not Christian and you have no part in the Church of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Therefore I say, repent – turn wholly and truly unto the living God who offers such mercy, such grace, such hope, healing, love and forgiveness. Turn on to him and let the world drown in hell. Then you will find everything then you will be at peace, then great joy will be abundantly yours. But you cannot hold onto your own self, you must open your hand and let Christ take and destroy that which is false.

How beautiful!

Listen to this: “Keep them dancing.”

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