Apprehension in Giving Books

I am privileged to know, at least via social media at this time, brother Don Currin. I also cannot but help to agree I have felt much the same, but I too will continue to give Bibles, books, and sermon links regardless – although I do now try to explain why I wish for someone to receive that which I am giving. Peace and blessings all!

Bro. Don

I love books. Mt wife loves books. I sell and buy books. And I give books away. But I am having an increased apprehension in putting books in the hands of people. My reasons are twofold.

First, it is disappointing when after giving someone a book that you feel will help them, they never read it. I have asked countless people that I have given the gift of a book to if they have read the volume and they tell me no. While most maintain good intentions, I never inquire again so as not to frustrate them.

A second reason for my reluctance in bestowing a book on another is because I have a sense that they think that I am sending a message, thinking that somewhere in the content there is a latent message that I hope they’ll get. In other words, I fear that they mistake my loving motive for loveless manipulation.

With all that said, I will maintain my ministry of book distribution by sowing in faith. I chose to believe that God will lead me to the people that will receive my gift for their benefit, read it completely and banish the thought that I am “sending a message.”

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