Mercy Home Story: Surrendering the American dream for Christ and Kenya

The Bys family sold all they owned, gave away career and savings to serve God as full time missionaries to help the needy. But why Bungoma, Kenya?

The reasons are many, but ultimately it was through trips originally made by AFM founders who traveled on Gospel missions to work with various pastors in Bungoma, and they and those like Jeff who went along with them, saw many horrific unmet needs that we all felt God was leading us to do something to help. The love of Christ compelled us. We saw how we could do much good with our few resources.

In our desire to do the most good, we chose this place – Bungoma. We saw in Kenya a receptiveness to the Gospel and for us to come and settle there with such a ministry as this. As the Lord Jesus said, “The fields are ripe unto harvest but few are the workers“.

We want to be faithful workers to deliver the Gospel message and through acts of compassion. Where God leads us we shall go, and it seemed very clear this was the place God was calling us to go and be his hands and feet and heart. Kenya has many orphans due to rampant disease and poverty. Disease, lack of education and poverty kill so many poor among them and it only takes a small amount to radically change that!

The streets of Bungoma are also filled with over 250 abandoned young children struggling to survive and of whom have become a pariah to the Kenyans…even to the local churches of Kenya. Few feel these street boys worthy to invest their time or resources, thinking them to be a lost cause. But we knew better! God rescued us, we who were the chief of sinners, by the loving compassion of Christ Jesus bought out from death to LIFE! And this is His mission for us, so we go without fear, but trusting in our Mighty God to help us be his ambassadors of faith, hope and love, even to the most outcast of the world!

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