High View of Scripture? Something to ponder, pray and pursue.

If I do anything else in my life, this one thing I do believe is of the utmost importance. For if I believe that the Scriptures are indeed inspired of God, being sufficient for my every need, then I must apply it in all aspects of my life and obey it. If I also believe it is such a wonderful book for myself, then ought it not be for everyone? Absolutely! But what shall I do if I spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on study materials for myself and as a Christian I do not even purchase a single Bible for someone who has never even held one? How shall I answer on judgment day? How shall I even pick mine up today? Although this is my personal conviction, I believe it is one every church and every believer must think about.

Having a high view of Scripture is only as good as the application of it.

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And although not everyone may have the funds now, if you can read this, you can share this!

Ponder – Pray – Pursue

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