It Should Have Been Me

I see the homeless man on the corner, sitting with a sign and his dog, his lips chapped, with dirty clothes and a couple bags, then I realize – it should have been me. I see the young college kid, full of pride, pleasing only himself, living in the only hope of constant self-pleasure and I realize – this was me. I see the old man, walking in pain, talking to himself without a friend in the world and I realize – it could be me. I see the man given over to drugs, his body paying a heavy price, left mindless and numb and I realize – this should have been me. I see the man given over to all sorts of sexual desires, yet hopeless, joyless and unable to be filled and I realize – this was me. I see the homosexual, unknowing of the true love (agape) of God and I realize – this should be me. I see the homeless poor boy on the dirt streets of countries who are not prosperous and I realize – it should have been me.

And yet, where can I boast? Can I boast in myself? Can I boast of my strength, my knowledge, my reconciliation or my salvation? No, no, no; never, never, never. Oh if it were not for the grace of God, the life saving grace of God, I would not know my true condition, my great need for Him and my utter hopelessness without Him. Oh if it were not for His propitiation and His working grace and restraining mercy, I would not know true joy, true love, true redemption, true faith and true freedom. For if the providence of God had not placed me where and when He did, I would be that poor boy. Had not the Sovereign God acted in such power, I would be as all the others.

And yet, shall I not show the same as has been shown me? Shall not His love constrain to the effect of showing the same towards those who do not know, who do not have and who do not have real eternal hope? Shall I not be about others more than myself? For I find it so very true that if I claim to be a Christian, having been so radically changed and subject of such power of God, that I do not care for the souls of others, not in mere word alone, but in the effective working to another’s benefit, I am in great danger. For the words of Jesus ring true to those who profess, for if I “do not do for the least of those, I do not do unto Christ.” For I may find that I will be told those dreadful words by the Savior to whom I lay claim, “Be away from me, I never knew you.

So what then? Shall I not give, not by word, or meme, or cute little thought, but in actual and tangible love, concern and help. Thereby I must give, do, serve as both able and convicted. How about you? Will you consider?

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