A Good Book: Christian Growth

A Good Book | Christian Growth

Have you ever thought about what makes for a good book?

A good book will be a book that causes you and compels you to run to the living God. It is one that causes you a greater desire to see Him, to know Him, to return to Him, to learn more about Him. Generally speaking, people believe good books are built off of two general principles: First being that the book is written with some sort of human intellectualism and articulation. Secondly a book is often measured by how well it can entertain you, by pulling you from reality. But a truly good book, will again, be a book that drives you to the the living and true God. I understand that there “styles” we enjoy, but if the book in its styling does not lead us to the person of Christ in a greater longing for the truth, then what I am enjoying has more to do with my entertainment than my sanctification and growing in the knowledge of the truth with a propulsion towards godly zeal and passion for God.

Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.” C.H. Spurgeon

Below are nine tips for Christian readers from Charles Spurgeon. (This was taken from Anchored in Christ and more details can be read there.) Also read the short note encouragement by Don Currin entitled, “The Impact of Study“.

  1. Know that your reading is important.
  2. Reading and praying are the best ways to spend leisure time.
  3. Read fewer books deeply instead of rushing through many.
  4. Make sure your learning results in heart knowledge.
  5. Live in the Bible.
  6. Read the Puritans.
  7. Learn from Paul’s example.
  8. Discern what you should and shouldn’t read.
  9. Prioritize your reading with what nourishes your soul.

If you have been desiring to know more about who God is, to know Him more, then consider what you are feeding your mind. Believe it or not, that which you put in your mind is going to greatly affect your life. Consider Romans 11:33-12:2 and apply it.

Below are my favorite places to get the best Christian books and videos.

Current Read

I would love to hear from you on what you are currently reading and how it has been affecting your walk as a Christian. 

IMG_20190531_121135054I seems to be that I am in several books at a time, not reading fast but marking and going through with the Scriptures in hand and in prayer. I have been in Whitefield’s journals for the last 10 years. This particular book has affected me and has used this to spur me onward. Currently there is one book I am reading with my son – “Maturity: Growing Up and Going On in the Christian Life“, by Sinclair B. Ferguson. This has been a wonderful and deeply revealing book geared towards believers of all ages. 

I have also started to not only read the Bible for the purposes of learning more and studying (with boots on [thought owed to Paul Washer]) but to simply read the Scriptures seeking to enjoy the Word of God and in fellowship with Him (boots off). For the first time ever I bought a “Reader’s Bible” and I love it (see below).

Peace and blessings all.

Jeremy B. Strang – Story | My Books

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