Responding to Trials: Focusing on the Savior we profess to follow

New message preached on Sunday, August 26th, 2019 at Revival Church of Fall Creek, WI. Revival Church is also in partnership with AFM Ministry (formerly About-Face Missions) of Granbury, TX and the home church of AFM Ministry Missionaries Jeff and Stephanie Bys (pronounced beese) originally from Texas (ministry links below).

Responding to Trials: Focusing on the Savior we profess to follow

Some key texts: Hebrews 12:1-2; James 1:2; 1 Peter 2:21-24, 4:1-2; Romans 8:28-29; Hebrews 13:13-16

Some quotes:

For true understanding is more than possessing information in the form of propositions or isolated texts. It involves breathing in the atmosphere in which the truths of the gospel are presented and then breathing it out in our lives.”

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Maturity, pg. X

How good is God thus to prepare me by sufferings, that so His blessings may not be my ruin. These things to the natural man are not joyous, but grievous; but God enables me to take comfort in Him, to thank Him sincerely for his loving correction, and therefore when I am sufficiently exercise there by, I hope it will bring forth in me the peaceful fruits of righteousness. Amen.

George Whitefield, Whitefield Journals, Saturday, October 21st, 1738, age 23

Let us lay to heart original sin, and be deeply humbled for it. It cleaves to us as a disease, it is an active principle in us, stirring us up to evil. Original sin is worse than all actual sin; the fountain is more than the stream. Some think, as long as they are civil, they are well enough; ay, but the nature is poisoned. A river may have fair streams, but vermin at the bottom. Thou carriest a hell about thee, thou canst do nothing but thou defilest it; thy heart, like muddy ground, defiles the purest water that runs through it. Nay, though thou art regenerate, there is much of the old man in the new man. Oh how should original sin humble us! This one reason God has left original sin in us, because he would have it as a thorn in our side to humble us. As the bishop of Alexandria, after the people had embraced Christianity, destroyed all their idols but one, that the sight of that idol might make them loathe themselves for their former idolatry; so God leaves original sin to pull down the plumes of pride. Under our silver wings of grace are black feet.”

Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity, pgs. 147, 148; Banner of Truth Trust, 2008





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