Late Happy Thanksgiving and an Early Merry Christmas all!

I wanted to take just a moment to fill you all in on where we are at and what we are doing. As you may know, I have been working a contract up in Eau Claire, WI since late July. This contract is now completed. I have just come on board with Siemens working in their FlexForce Staffing program. I am filling in on a contract until Jan 13th working in Rockford, IL. After this, at this point, I will begin training as a Siemens CT Applications Specialist. An Apps Specialist is one who travels weekly to different hospitals to train CT technologists on new Siemens CT machines. I am to be home every weekend and yet traveling throughout the week.

Last week my son, my parents and myself made a trip down to spend time with the family in Texas. Trish and I were able to take a couple days and go down to Waco, stay the night, getaway and take a Waco tour and visit Magnolia. We closed the week out by taking the kids downtown Granbury for the lighting of the square and parade. Lord willing, I will get back down to Texas in just under 6 weeks.

I was accepted into the London Reformed Baptist Seminary through the Metropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeon’s home church). I started the first week of Nov and am already reading my 3rd book (a heavy load of reading), listened to several lectures and working on my 2nd assignment. In the style of Spurgeon, much reading to be done. What is great about getting into this online seminary program for me is: 1.) This will be great for me to stay focused while traveling. 2.) I have longed to get into a theologically solid seminary that will hold me accountable and yet be able to afford it at the same time. As I was praying about this, praying yet again and very strongly, I literally received a confirmation email approving my application. This was not only an answer to prayer, but met all three aspects, accountability/focus, theologically sounds and nearly free of charge. Praise God and may He have His way. 

Thank you again for all of you who pray for us as you think of us.
Blessings and have a very Happy New Year!


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