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Roughly four months ago I started online Seminary through the London Reformed Baptist Seminary from the Metropolitan Tabernacle (C.H. Spurgeon’s home church). Since starting, I have had several people ask me what my reading list has been so far, so, I have decided to give you the list below and also include a brief account of the latest book I just finished today titled, “Christ or Therapy?”, by Dr. ES Williams.

Below is my reading list over the last four months. Below that list are a few other books I have been reading, either in full or in part. (besides the Bible)

Seminary required reading:

The Trinity, Edward Henry Bickersteth
The Reformers and Their Stepchildren, Leonard Verduin
Five Views on Apologetics, Steven Cowan
The Trials of Christ, John Gilmore
Worship in the Melting Pot, Peter Masters
Between the Testaments, Charles Pfeiffer
The Gospel According to Rome, James McCarthy
Christ or Therapy? E. S. Williams

Extra reading:

  • Holiness, J.C. Ryle
  • George Whitefield Journals
  • Not Like Any Other Book, Peter Masters
  • Maturity: Growing Up and Going On in the Christian Life, Sinclair B. Ferguson
  • The Young Spurgeon, Peter Jeffery

Christ or Therapy? – Dr. ES Williams

Having read this book many will feel uneasy, for the folly of Christian counselling is clear when it is challenged by God’s Word.”[1]

Without a doubt, this book will radically shake everything you have been told regarding, depression, ‘Christian-therapy’, unconditional-love, unconditional-forgiveness, Cognitive Therapy (CT), the Marriage Education Movement, ‘Christian-Psychology” and more. With balanced Scripture used in context and facts regarding unproven data, Dr. Williams blows open the door to the truth and lies, the biblical ignorance and fallacies of past theories and modern-day Gnostics. The intermixing of anti-biblical thoughts, the denial of Christ and the cross, plus the serious twisting’s of Scripture, is enough to make you nauseous.

Having been heavily afflicted by tremendous darkness myself starting back in the second grade, I was especially eager to read this book. (if you wish to read/download my story for free visit: Below is a bit of what I experienced for twenty-one years. “I was living in a hellish deep dark depression, one very hidden, and controlling of my life. As a result, this helped to fuel my pride, empower my anger and enslave me in lust. I was a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a drunk, a malicious gossip and a flat out God hater. I used profanity as communication, anger as a lifestyle, all while deceitfully justifying myself. I lived with thoughts so dark and so wicked, it was as if hell itself lived inside my mind. Nearly every day suicide swirled about my head. This was my reality.”[2]

Having been one who was under tremendous darkness, and having been radically set free by the true redeeming love and saving grace of God alone, by faith in Christ, I can attest, both biblically (as Dr. Williams has done) and by experience, this book is without a doubt a help, both eternally and here and now. I highly recommend that every pastor, leader, elder, deacon, etc., would read and repent if need be. I also highly recommend every professing Christian, especially those struggling mentally and thinking about therapy, would first read this book, pray much and dig into the Scriptures for themselves. It just may make the difference between true salvation and eternal ruin and misery.

[1] “Christ or Therapy?”, Dr. ES Williams, pg. 149

[2] “Grace Upon Grace”, Jeremy B. Strang

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