How to have fun in catastrophic crisis – Victor Marx

At the age of 5, Victor was molested and left in a commercial cooler to die. He endured a childhood marked with physical and sexual abuse, multiple stepfathers, 14 schools and 17 different houses.

Have you been unsure and worrying, maybe even locked up in fear, maybe even more, gripped by the chains of anger and rage? What about mental darkness and deep depression? You may want to check out this new message by Victor Marx. Victor was yesterday’s (Sun. March 22nd, 2020) guest speaker at The Road at Chapel Hills church in Colorado. His topic was so very timely with the growing issues (not just a virus) facing us today. His topic, “How have fun in catastrophic crisis”.

Victor has experienced and witnessed unbelievable suffering. Without doubt, Victor’s story and testimony of God’s goodness, grace, and love is sure to encourage you. Learn more about All Things Possible Ministries and watch his powerful story, The Victor Marx story below.

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Peace and blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

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