Book and Bible Rebinds: Maybe it’s time?

Maybe it’s time…

With everyone having so much more time to surf the internet, I thought it might be a good time to boast on a few people who are restoring life into old books and Bibles – not just old ones – but adding more durability and a great cover to new ones as well. Below are three such businesses that I am familiar with both personally and/or as a customer.

I was first in touch with Diego Caloca roughly 5 years ago. Diego rebound a Bible and my dearly loved George Whitefield Journals. You can read my review of Diego’s work below.

Diego has been turning out high quality rebinds for several years now. Be sure to visit his website and read his story of salvation at: Recently he released a new book called, “How To Rebind A Bible: From Start To Finish”.

“Have you ever wondered how a premium bible cover is made? Look no further! This book will show you how to create a premium bible or book cover from start to finish. If your looking for a interesting hobby to take on this is it. Bible rebinding can also be made into a great business or side business. Follow along as Diego with Caloca Bibles takes you through each step of the leather lined cover creating process. Upon completion of this book you will have the knowledge of how to rebind your own bible that will last a lifetime.”

I have been following Post Tenebras Lux Bible Rebinding for some time on Facebook. They have been turning out some fabulous work. To see their work, visit either link below.

“POST TENEBRAS LUX Bible Rebinding was established in 2017. Our passion for God’s Word is what inspired us in the beginning and preserving well-loved Bibles is what drives us today. We seek to honor God with the work of our hands and strive for excellence in our craft to bring Him glory.”

Although I only discovered Paul’s Leather Co. just this last year, I love all of the leather work they are doing. I also love that I can readily purchase a new Bible in many different versions with new covers of heavy leathers, which I need as I travel so much.

(below taken from their website)

“Two thousand years ago God used a leather-smith to spread his good news to unevangelized areas; today, he is doing the same. That missionary—Paul of Tarsus—is our inspiration at PLCO. Named after the apostle, our company seeks to fulfill the mission he began: to spread the saving message of Jesus to those who currently lack any access to it.

“Although there is gospel-need everywhere in the world, we believe that the greatest injustice of our day is that almost half of the world’s population lacks any access to this glorious news. Through financial giving and prayer support, we aim to leverage our resources by mobilizing missionaries to alleviate this desperate need. 

“To learn more about unreached people groups, read more here.

Maybe it’s time to ‘fix’ that Bible cover…

…and even better than “fixing” your Bible cover, is to “fix” your Bible usage!

May the Lord be glorified in our humility, prayer, reading of His Word and in the obedient doing of His Word. May the Spirit convicting work transform us into His likeness, sanctified and made holy. May we truly believe upon, being ever soaked, by His Word. During these times especially, may we rest entirely and embrace firmly, being resolved, that His Word is inspired, sufficient and infallible.


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