A Serious Note

A serious note.

Christian, just how much of the world do you need to read about? How much is going to be enough? How many opinions of men do you need to read, need to like, need to respond to, before it’s enough? The so-called knowledge of the world is no knowledge at all. Do not waste this time by filling yourself with more of that which only causes fear, worry, doubt. Do not fill yourself with hours of pointless acquiring of so-called knowledge. There will be no joy in this, no lasting hope, no eternal value, and absolutely no help from escaping fear. If there’s ever been a time to truly draw near to God, through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is now.

Sadly many will only give a mental ascent, maybe even an agreeing head nod or a like, but will not heed what I am saying. The Lord knows, I say this not pridefully, but truly with a deep burden in my soul, not for lack of joy of knowing and walking with Christ, because the most precious thing we can do with our time is to draw near to the Lord. We can pray, we can talk about our faith, we can do religious activities, and now we can even stream messages on the internet, and yet be so far outside of the will of the Lord. If we are not about the drawing near to God, biblically, then we will be powerless over Satan, the prince of this world, and our own deceiving hearts. Let us not justify our flesh any longer, let us run to the Lord, using our time wisely in seeking out greater measures of who He is – for in this way will our hearts be comforted, peace be granted, joy attained, true wisdom known, and joyful praises be present in mind. All the opinions of men will never arrive at the truth of the Gospel – they will only be binding snares of entertainment and fear cycling over and over until the world of electronics encased in plastic numbs the will, darkens discernment and destroys devotion to God.

Lord help us all to come to grips with the truth and repent of our great many wasted hours. Lord, cause me tremendous growth in this as well. Amen.

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