Free Burma Rangers: Vengeance?

Having now watched this movie for the second time, I cannot help but start to weep yet again. Just past the halfway point, after a traumatic incident (which I cannot tell you, you must watch it for yourself), David Eubank says,

“So that night I said, ‘Lord Jesus show me the truth of what happened that day.‘ I opened my kindle up to the Bible and I put my finger and it said, ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.’

“Vengeance, oh, what I thought was justice was vengeance. Vengeance looks like justice but is driven by hate. It starts in the same place – an injustice has been done – what you going to do about it? To get justice requires you to approach that unjust act with love for the perpetrator and the person who’s hurt – and mercy – there’s a place for punishment too – and enforcement – but it will be done in the spirit of love, which is very different. What’s the best for both these people?

“And I said, ‘Jesus forgive me. And I reject vengeance.’ And He took it away from me. And it was a huge crushing weight on me, but I could not feel it until it was lifted off.” – David Eubank, Free Burma Rangers

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