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Greetings brothers and sisters around the world!

I have not been writing nearly as much due to constant directional changes with my job and extensive travel, not to mention the demands of family life. Instead of making several different blog posts, I decided to just post this one (for now) keeping it simple and on point.


When you think of us, please pray for us as a family and as individuals in need of further grace, humility, patience and just flat out sanctification. Also pray as we have been under strong testing and trials of various kinds, some very strong and dangerous.

Some thoughts: Love, true deep biblical love, does not run from discipline, justice and a covering up of the existence of the consequences of sin. Yes, it is full of grace, mercy, truth and forgiveness, however it is not a justification of sin, turning of a ‘blind eye’, forgiveness unto enablement, nor a do anything to ‘make peace’. At times, most times, we must extend mercy to others letting them demonstrate repentance, and at other times a complete cutting off and to be handed over to Satan so that they may be saved may be necessary. We must know the Scriptures, pray and discern this most difficult balance. And you fathers, you better ‘man up’ – biblically – in your family when all hell seems to be tearing your family, children and everything apart. Fight hell, humble yourself before Almighty God, and yet ‘act like men’! Be strong and fight – spiritually. We all go through seasons, however, should we stumble, let us get back to work as we must continue to plow the fields of this spiritually baron wasteland – our own hearts, in our families and in the midst of the world. What should it matter to gain wealth, health, and temporal things to have you and your family go to hell? Let us not be such a people, let’s us not be such men. If you know a man who professes Christ and acts against the truth, reach out to him and turn his head to Christ – for no friend is a friend who hides sin, justifies your disobedience nor ignores prayer, humility and a true walking with God.

Reads and Happenings

I am very excited, and waiting diligently, for a new book to come in the mail – A Workman Not Ashamed. I also have been reading Thomas Watson’s, The Art of Divine Contentment, which of late the Lord has been using to ‘strip me down’ and humble me further (of which I am in need). Also continuing to read, as able, my seminary (London Reformed Baptist Seminary – London Tabernacle) and many other reads including my beloved Whitefield Journals.

Outward comforts often quench inward heat.” – Thomas Watson

In addition to traveling with work, family and seminary studies, I have started a new little venture of doing simple Bible rebinding. You can learn more about this on the Bibles page above or here: Simple and Timeless. Below is a few before and after pictures from a recent rebind.

Recent Messages that have been a Blessing

For those of you who do not know, Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society, has been turning out a number of very good and helpful studies and messages the last year. The Study on Proverbs, the Missionary Updates, and my favorite, Looking unto Jesus: Reflections on Quotes from the Past, all are a blessing. You can watch these all on their YouTube page. Below is a very edifying message from brother Paul at the Master’s Seminary this last week.

I also highly recommend checking out the study of Ruth with Pastor Brett Baggett of Ekklesia Muskogee. Overview below.

Just a reminder, my newest book, One Man’s Walk with God, is available for FREE as a PDF download. You can get your FREE copy here. Below are a couple of recent reviews.

This is one of the most intriguing books I’ve read. Jeremy Strang has delivered a book written in a most engaging fashion: a first person devotional that reveals the heart of humble man looking to walk obediently. It is full of phrases that ring with God’s truth, as the man in the book talks to his Creator, asking for help in various areas of life.” Read full review by Truth and Grace, Stuart Brogden


Providence continues to amaze. While reading John Piper’s edifying work Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully, I picked up Jeremy Strang’s book on his personal walk with God. Remarkably, the two titles dovetailed together in God’s providence, complimenting one another.

While Piper’s premise comes from highlighting the importance of pondering and plumbing the depths of biblical realities, Jeremy writes out of the experience of contemplative worship. His work affords a picture of God’s beauty.

Here is an excerpt from the end of chapter 2: ‘The constant contemplation of the glory of Christ will give rest, satisfaction, and complacency to the souls of them who are exercised in that respect. Our minds are apt to be filled with a multitude of perplexed thoughts; fears, cares, dangers, distresses, passions, and lusts, do make various impressions on the minds of men, filling them with disorder, darkness and confusion. But where the soul is fixed in its thoughts and contemplations on the glorious object, it will be brought into and kept in a holy, serene, spiritual frame. For, ‘to be spiritually-minded is life and peace.’ And this it does by taking off our hearts from all undue regard to all things below, in comparison of the great worth, beauty, and glory of what makes many of us strangers to a heavenly life, and to live beneath the spiritual refreshments and satisfactions that the gospel tenders us to.”

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