Reflecting on Twenty Years

Reflecting on Twenty Years: Plowing into Eternity

As I have said before,

I stood in a heap of sin so insurmountable that if it were not for the grace of Jesus Christ and His propitiation, I would forever be undone by my atrocities against the Lord my God.

Yet, on that most blessed of days, when I was surely most unlovable indeed, the Lord God Almighty, my Great Rescuer, demonstrated His sovereign hand of love by providentially pulling me from the sewage of my depravity. He showered me clean by the mercy and grace of His dear Son, Christ Jesus. Oh, what a splendid and most joyous day this was when His name became sweet and most precious. It was a day of reviving and powerful grace; for it was His grace that took all that I was and all that I had become and made me anew. He powerfully set my feet firmly in the bright light, thereby opening my eyes to see the pathway of eternal life and to the working of the plow. It was the very day that the light of Christ illuminated the recesses of darkness and melted away the bars, the chains, and the choking yoke which had held me captive. No longer was I a beaten bound up slave to the devil and my own sin; I was now joyfully a bond-servant to Him, by grace and through love.

Oh, my precious Jesus!


Without a doubt the last year and a half has challenged the world and yet the Lord remains patient not desiring that any should perish, but all would repent and be saved. Maybe you are in a season of tremendous victory or you are in the driest of lands, barren, drenched with sweat, thirsty and the Wellspring of life seems so far away, regardless, I entreat you to hear and be encouraged to press on unto the Great King.

Am I speaking of some sinless perfectionism? No. Or what about a seamless life of mental ease and emotionalism? Nope. Reality of a changed life? Yes! This short reflection is meant to be a two-fold task – One: A reminder, yet again, for me to think back from where I was rescued, to Whom I have been saved unto, and a directional plowing forward. Two: To encourage you in striving towards the upward call in Christ Jesus.

And yet for some, you have no hope, are lost in the wheels of endless self-helps (of which never help), locked up by demonic strong-holds of various kinds, or maybe you cannot find truth and lasting help, regardless, I hope that this may be a beginning seed in discovering the One True God. Oh that hope, life, truth and lasting victory would be yours this day.

This book is quick and concise, 40 pages, and available for FREE download only. The contents include:

  • Introduction                                  4
  • Thinking back                               5
  • The early days                              12
  • Plowing into eternity                   17         
  • A vessel used of the Lord           30
  • “Afterward” – C.H. Spurgeon      35
  • Learning from 1944                     37

It is my sincere hope and prayer that the Lord will use this bring hope, edify and even challenge you regarding the truth.

Peace and blessings in the name of our great Lord and Savior, King Jesus.


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