Could it be that logic, sordidly missing, is the necessity needed today for the application in the examination and right use of context, in the church, outside the church, in politics and in all manners of life?

“Now the design of Logic is to teach us the right use of our reason, or intellectual powers, and the improvement of them in ourselves and others. This is not only necessary in order to attain any competent knowledge in the sciences, or the affairs of learning, but to govern both the greater and the meaner actions of life. It is the cultivation of our reason by which we are better enabled to distinguish good from evil, as well as truth from falsehood; and both these are matters of the highest importance, whether we regard this life, or the life to come.” Isaac Watts, ‘Logic: The right use of reason in the inquiry after truth’, 1724

May God tend the fires, fan into flame, pound into shape our calloused eyes, ears and hearts. Let the fireworks fly!

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