NO LAUGHING MATTER | When Levity Becomes Lethal

Among many professors of the Christian faith the preacher who is the best at telling jokes is most people’s favorite. After attending a teachers’ meeting following his conversion, Charles Spurgeon said, ‘Too much joking and levity to agree with my notions of what a Sunday School teacher should be’. Three years after Mr. Spurgeon’s death, Robertson Nicoll, an acute judge of preachers, wrote while on a visit to New York: ‘Evangelism of the humorous type may attract multitudes but it lays the soul in ashes and destroys the germs of religion.’ (Don Currin | Facebook | Website

I cannot help be reminded what the late Leonard Ravenhill always used to say: “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy. The more joy you have in the Lord, the less entertainment you need.”

May we be a people of deep, true and lasting joy in Christ, yet still be ever so thankful, grateful and praiseful to God for that which He has created and gifted to us; more so, may we be fixed on Him Himself.


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