Without a doubt, the only real boast I have in life, although having boasted so very arrogantly, pridefully and wrongly time and time again (Lord God help me!), is that I am what I am because of God’s powerfully working grace (1 Cor. 15:10). And although I am no Apostle Paul, I am no George Whitefield, I have not the mind of Jonathan Edwards, I contain not the same degree of logic of Isaac Watts, nor the fervent missional calling of David Brainerd, I am who I am.

Now, hear clearly, this is not an excuse to remain the same today as I was yesterday, at least as I am able in my weak strength and abilities to control, nor an excuse to become complacent, uncaring nor allow my sin to point the finger to grace. However, this working, true and powerful grace calls me onward – you as well if grace has become your reality (Titus 2:11-14). Read Titus two and consider the Foothills of True Grace.

“Alas! that any one should inquire after such a wretch as I am. As for my quality; I was a poor, mean drawer (tapster); but, by the grace of God, I am now intended for the ministry. As for my estate; I am a servitor. And as to my condition and circumstances; I have not (of my own) where to lay my head. But my friends, by God’s providence, minister daily to me: and, in return for such unmerited, unspeakable blessings, I trust the same good Being will give me grace to dedicate myself without reserve to his service – to spend and be spent for the welfare of my fellow-creatures, and in endeavoring to promote the gospel of his Son as much as lieth in my poor power.” George Whitefield, The Life and Times of George Whitefield, pg. 378

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