Reading Whitefield’s account of December 29th, 1740, I was reminded of the reality, “For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” (Heb. 13:14)

As I re-read this passage this day, I am struck by two main questions: 1.) Am I living this reality? 2.) Am I seeking the ‘city that is to come’? Quite striking to the conscience if really seeking the answers. Even more convicting when taking this verse into the surrounding context. Lord, oh Lord, help this man to stay living under such truth when the day seems toilsome and long, pointless and redundant.

Read part of Whitefield’s account from that day in December down in the southern portion of the early Americas. Take notice of his narrow escape with death and his reminder of how to live.

“Having appointed Mr. Barber to take care of the spiritual, and Mr. Habersham to superintend the outward affairs of the Orphan House, and settled all things to my satisfaction, finding my call clear to England, I, last night, took a sorrowful and affectionate leave of my family; and this day went to Savannah, but narrowly escaped being shot by a labourer walking behind me with a gun under his arm. The gun went off unawares, but the mouth of if was providentially towards the ground; otherwise, I and one of my friends, in all probability, would have been killed; for we were directly before and not above a yard or two distant from it. We ought to live in such a state as we would not fear to die in! For in the midst of life we are in death.” Whitefield’s Journals, pg. 500, Banner of Truth Trust

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