Although this subject is not my normal focus pertaining to this website, I find the time to speak regarding these things, to give what little I can to help others, has come. After 27 years of ‘lightly’ being a voice and seeing the constant barrage of ‘cover-ups’, ‘keep-quiets’, and ‘don’t-asks’, I cannot stand it anymore. I am calling out healthcare, especially in America, to quite being cowards, quite hiding truth and quite limiting FULLY informed consent.

Is human embryo cells being used in the making of the Covid-19 shot? Is this a conspiracy theory or simply a conspiracy and lie? Any research regarding the flu shot is bad enough, but the ante keeps upping and so does the price.

Listen to the video from early 2020 and then see what little piece of work one the manufacturers ACTUAL published.

Highlighted Fact Sheet | European Medicines Agency (pdf I had just found prior to the video and have NOT read as of this time) | Original Link

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