Never would I have thought to include these two pastors in this one post! However, I had both of these videos shared with me by close friends, and interestingly enough, regardless of your opinion about these men individually, their message, although very different, is yet very much the same. Listen to the clips from each of them and hear the conviction, resolution and desire to call out the truth, in both distinctly different ways. No matter what, they both (again in different and unique ways) have been used of the Lord to encourage me onward in Christ and in fighting sin, evil and wickedness.

I also find the timing very interesting in my life, not just due to the outward political wickedness and crimes of the ‘plandemic’, but in that I have been reading and studying Jonathan Edwards 70 personal resolutions.

Listen to Pastor John MacArthur

Then listen to Pastor Greg Locke

Regardless of what our personal opinions of these two men are, of which are most likely impersonal anyway, we must ask ourselves, if what they speak is truth, how then shall we live? We respond in the face of the evil in our day? In response to the Scriptures? In knowing the Lord in greater measure?



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