About a month ago we started a new website to help combat the removal of information by many of the social media giants. Be sure to check us out at https://WeAreHealthcare.net

Check out the MUST SEE VIDEOS below!

HORRIFIC FINDINGS! What’s in those vials? TRIALS on HUMANS in West Africa – Surveillance and Prodictive Policing? Wellness Pass? Vaccine Passport? Stew Peters Show https://www.redvoicemedia.com/…/doctor-reveals…/

Evidence unexplored is OPPORTUNITY.

Evidence ignored is IGNORANCE.

Evidence hidden is UNSCIENTIFIC and TYRANNICAL.

For more digital ammo in the war against medical tyranny: https://www.wearehealthcare.net/

💥 Watch the video of Dr. BRYAN ARDIS and download the PDF that is YOUR PROOF that IVERMECTIN is APPROVED by the NIH and that Fauci choose the #1 killing drug from his own paid 2019 study! https://www.wearehealthcare.net/…/ivermectin-approved

💥 Attorney Thomas Renz BRINGS IT!”Mr. President, you asked us attorneys to bring it, so here you go.” https://fb.watch/8tUAc38kKy/TAKE NO MORE! Attorney Thomas Renz: https://renz-law.com/

💥 Fauci INDICTED! We saw this awhile back, but FINALLY making more public news! https://beforeitsnews.com/…/fauci-indicted-boooom-video

“If you’re not willing to tell your friends the truth, then you are no friend to your friends. The costs are irrelevant if love is guiding your motivations, actions, and verbiage. Is this easy and comfortable? No. However, if we have true hope, then what are we afraid of losing? So fear not; speak up now!”

#wearehealthcare #protectyourfamily

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