What a picture of the Christian life John Bunyan left for us in the writing of Pilgrim’s Progress. Especially true is when Christian began to make his way down the Valley of Humiliation and meets up against Apollyon (the destroyer; the angel of the bottomless pit; Abaddon). Below are a few lines taken from this scene. If you have never read Pilgrim’s Progress, let me assure you, it is one of the finest writings apart from the Scriptures (the Bible) themselves. It is second only to the Bible in having been most read, printed, and translated book in history. The copy that I like the best has been printed by the John L. Dagg Publishing Co. out of Birmingham, Alabama November of 2005 and can be purchased at Grace and Truth Books, Sand Springs, OK.

Read below a few lines from the epic dialog and battle between Christian and Apollyon. And although brief, much good-gold can be mined and applied.

But now, in this Valley of Humiliation, poor Christian was hard put to it; for he had gone but a little way before he espied a foul fiend coming over the field to meet him; his name is Apollyon.

Then did Christian begin to be afraid, and to cast in his mind whether to go back or to stand his ground. But he considered again that he had no armor for his back; and therefore thought that to turn the back to him might give him the greater advantage with ease to pierce him with his darts. Therefore he resolved to venture and stand his ground; for, thought he, had I no more in mine eye than the saving of my life, it would be the best way to stand…


Answering Apollyon, Christian stated, “I was born, indeed in your dominions, but your service was hard, and your wages such as a man could not live on, ‘for the wages of sin is death;’ therefore when I was come to years, I did as other considerate persons do, look out, if, perhaps, I might mend myself.


Christian replies, “What I promised thee was in my nonage (youth), and, besides, I count the Prince under whose banner now I stand is able to absolve me; yea, and to pardon also what I did as to my compliance with thee; and, besides, O thou destroying Apollyon! to speak truth, I like his service, his wages, his servants, his government, his company and country, better than thine; and, therefore, leave off to persuade me further; I am his servant, and I will follow him.”


Then Apollyon broke out into a grievous rage, saying, “I am an enemy to this Prince; I hate his person, his laws, and people; I am come out on purpose to withstand thee.”

Christian replied, “Apollyon, beware what you do; for I am in the king’s highway, the way of holiness; therefore take heed to yourself.


Then did Christian draw, for he saw it was time to bestir him…

And then the battle raged – “this sore combat lasted for above half a day…”

A must read!

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