Merry Christmas and Update

Greetings all and Merry Christmas!

As you know, the last couple of years have shaken many people. I hope and pray that you are all well.

Due to the pandemic and healthcare tyranny plaguing the planet, I lost my full-time job and back on the traveling CT Technologist scene. Although not the easiest way to raise a family, we are so very thankful to God for the work and know that regardless of everything, God is good and can always be trusted.

New EmailThis will probably be my last email from this account as I am shutting down everything I can that is google related. For those of you interested, my new email will be Feel free to send me an email there.

New BlogTo better simplify my previous blog/website, I have created a new blog at: Feel free to sign up for that if you would like.

Newest BooksMy newest books, Reflecting on Twenty Years: Plowing into Eternity, and One Man’s Walk with God: Preparing for Trials and Fears, can be downloaded directly by clicking on the links or visiting my blog page:

Bible RebindsOver the last year I have also started rebinding Bibles. If you wish to learn more, visit the blog page:

We Are HealthcareEarlier this year we launched a new website where you can find a TON of information regarding the TRUTH behind what has been happening in the Health(less)care scene. Visit: and share with your friends as almost all of the information on the website has been banned and blocked from mainstream and social media. BE SURE to check out COVID REVEALED, the most elaborate and detailed documentary produced with probably over 30 hours of interviews. This has been fully banned by ALL MEDIA! These doctors, reporters, and scientists have risked their very lives putting this together.

Peace and blessings!

Jeremy Strang

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