Recently I preached a few messages all centered around Hebrews 12:1-3. Many of the verses that were included I have been collecting over the last several years. I have been personally studying, applying and repenting of my disbelief in God being absolutely sovereign through these very passages. You see, it is only through knowing His absolute sovereignty that suffering in this life makes any sense.

The Lord gets His best soldiers out of the highlands of affliction.” C.H. Spurgeon

I have attached a PDF filled with passages of Scripture I have personally used to help myself to learn, repent, focus, and re-focus as necessary, on how I am to respond during times of trials and sufferings, fears and disbelief, unknown outcomes and when I feel my old nature attempting to narcissistically rear its’ ugly head in self-defense. I have also written a little book to help with this very thing called, One Man’s Walk with God. Both can be downloaded for free here – PDF Scriptures | PDF of Book | Purchase Book

Below is a clip from a friend and pastor who recently preached a message about suffering in the Christian life. If you wish to connect with him, visit: Caleb Gordon | Facebook

Helpful Books

Helpful Messages

Preparing to Know Christ Through Suffering – John Piper

Why We Can Rejoice in Suffering – John Piper

Suffering and Bitterness – John Piper

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